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Files and resources resource for Why You Hear What You Hear

Supplement for Problem Book

Why You Hear What You Hear Problems

This problem book has an accompanying solution manual obtainable by writing the Princeton University Press and requesting a copy. You will need to verify your instructor status.

The problems are organized loosely by chapter, with chapter references. So many of the problems transcend several chapters that it was far better to organize things this way. The problem book is largely the work of Jean-Franciosi Charles, a former teaching fellow for the Harvard "Physics of Music and Sound" course, now a Harvard PhD, and a teacher, conductor, composer, clarinetist, and live electronics designer.


Soundfiles and other files for Problems

Problem 9:

Problem 10:

Problem 11:

Problem 12

Problem 13

Problem 19

Problem 22

Problem 23

Problem 24

Problem 26

Problem 27

Problem 30

Problem 32

Problem 36

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